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Tools to Spark Your Business

Looking to ignite your business potential? Look to Creative Flint. We are a creative digital services company that helps you move past technological obstacles and embrace technology as a resource. From creative design, training and personal support solutions we have the creative tools to move your small business forward.

Creative Solutions to Your Technology Problems

Technology is supposed to make us more productive, but do you ever feel like it just gets in the way? If you answered “Yes” then you are not alone. With our personalized service, a certified technician can help provide you with technical support, training or consulting to get you back to business. Make technology work for you. Find out more...

Creative Design for Your Business

Built on a 15+ year history in commercial art, Creative Flint offers practical graphic design services for professionals and small business. A poorly branded image can be costly. Potential customers can balk at your product or service based solely on perception alone. Quit undervaluing your business and step up to a professional visual communication solution from Creative Flint. Find out more...


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